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I’ve already told you about our family adventures in Chicago, but the real reason I was there was to attend BlogHer ’09 – a conference for hundreds (thousands?) of female bloggers. Not just mommy bloggers, although we were probably the largest group.

It was my first night away from Tate since he was born. Okay, it was my first more-than-8-hours away from Tate since he was born! I had a great time with Heidi, my MagnetStreet blogging buddy, who writes about engagement, weddings and marriage at Truly Engaging.

So what does one do at a women’s blogging conference, you ask? Well, I got some good blogging inspiration and instruction, especially more about how to use Twitter in relationship to the blog. (Hey, please follow me on Twitter if you’re not already!)

Then there are the famous people…I saw Tim Gunn and Carson Kressley, and apparently Paula Deen was around somewhere. But who cares about them when you can get live, in-person blogging advice from the fabulous Pioneer Woman?! Not only that, but after her presentation, I saw her husband “Marlboro Man” and two of their little boys, waiting for her in the hallway. Wow!

Really, that was the best part, meeting other bloggers. And not just the famous ones. Check out some of my favorites- you may enjoy following them too!

At breakfast, I met Sandy from the clever blog Momisodes – she’s a SAHM in Boston with a 3-year old (known online as Babisodes – ha!) and another baby on the way. Also at my table was Sue from Chocolate Cake Moments – a blog with lots of great ideas, especially for school-age kids. 

I’m more prepared for future travel adventures after meeting Mariana at Riding with No Hands, who has Sightseeing Sunday posts along with lots of product reviews and giveaways. Lorraine from My Busy Kit is my new source for portable activity kits, once Tate is a little older.

At “speed dating” (meeting lots of bloggers really fast!), I met Erin from $5 Dinners – what a great resource for this economy! And a really unique site where the readers create the content: Three Words Blog. Wander over there to see what I mean…

Look for links to more new blogger-friends in my future posts – there are so many great sites out there. What are your favorite blogs? I’d love to know!

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