Ice Fishing Adventure

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Some of you probably didn’t blink an eye when you read that title…she lives in Minnesota, surely the lakes are still frozen in May, are they not?

In fact, I had to put sunscreen on my son’s face this week, it was so hot and sunny! This is just a very, very belated post, the last one I intended to write before The Great Blogging Break of 2010. I’m hoping to get back in the groove here, but for now, here’s a little flashback to winter…

Before this outing, Tate had never actually been fishing, regular or ice fishing. He’d just heard about it, seen pictures of Dad’s fishing trips, etc. Fascinated with the idea, he would bring us empty paint rollers (because our basement is sooo organized, such items are lying about for him to find!), asking for “bait”. 

One sunny March afternoon, we decided the time was right. After Tate woke up from his nap, we told him we were going ice fishing. I pulled out snowpants and boots while he ran downstairs to find his “pole”. Here he is, riding out to the middle of the lake, ready to land a big one.

kids ice fishing supplies

First came the excitement of seeing Dad drill holes with the auger, with a big whoosh of water as he reached the bottom of the ice layer. Then watching minnows swimming around in the bait bucket. Oh, the joy of a 2-year-old!

While Dad was busy getting the poles ready and looking for fish on the depth-finder, Tate kept himself quite happy with his paint roller dipped into the water. (No, I couldn’t convince him to keep his mittens on.)

kids ice fishing pole

After 20 minutes or so, the roller was finally dropped down to the bottom of the lake. Partly my fault; I should have thought to tie it to his wrist or something. But he couldn’t understand why we didn’t just get it back for him. Dad gave him a few lessons with a real pole, but they didn’t catch anything.

ice fishing lesson

Following our “leave while you’re still having fun” strategy, we were just out for about an hour. Tate loved it, and hopefully this summer he’ll get to do some “catching”, not just “fishing”!

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