I’m Back!

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Hi Again! Sorry for my long absence from the blogosphere, and thanks to those who checked in on me. :)

My last post was for Tate’s birthday in February, and the day after his party, we celebrated Valentine’s Day with a positive pregnancy test. Better than flowers and chocolate, right?

And before too long, I was in the throes of what my husband likes to call “evening sickness” – for some reason, I felt yuckiest in the between-dinner-and-bedtime hours. And since that’s when I normally blogged, I didn’t get any blogging done.

In the midst of the second trimester, I’m feeling much better and ready to jump back on the blogwagon. Thanks for your patience!

big brother shirt

P.S. I got Tate’s big brother shirt at this Etsy site. It was a fun way to make our announcement. My other favorite customized tees were here and here.

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