The Great Pumpkin

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My Great PumpkinHi everyone, just checking in with my trimesterly post (as in once-a-trimester, that’s totally a word, right?). We’re getting close to the end, and I keep thinking of the Great Pumpkin.

First because I’ve heard that pumpkin-esque bellies are the hottest look for fall. But maybe that was a temperature statement, not one on fashion…better than fanny packs, they’re still not the most flattering.

(Photo is Tate’s and my annual one with the biggest pumpkin at the MN State Fair. His freaked-out face is because Dad was using “Mom’s” camera, not fear of the prize-winner!)

Next because I’ve been thinking about Halloween costumes for Tate and the baby. But with an October 19 due date, there’s a small chance that I could be overdue enough to dress myself as a pumpkin. Trust me, there wouldn’t be much effort put into such a costume if I were that far past my date, probably just an orange shirt, or maybe a Fleet Farm bag (Midwesterners, you know what I mean).

Peanuts Great PumpkinBut mainly, the Great Pumpkin symbolizes waiting, with much uncertainty. It’s not a perfect analogy, as Linus couldn’t be assured that the Great Pumpkin would actually appear. Mine will eventually be here; I’m just unsure of which day he’ll arrive…

And how will the labor/delivery go? And what have I forgotten about newborns in the last two and a half years? And what have I neglected to put on my before-baby-arrives checklist? And am I going to despise the minivan that we’re shopping for???

Stay tuned…


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