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Best Man Duties

Congratulations on being chosen as Best Man!

Here are the top 12 responsibilities that every Best Man needs to know:

  • Supervise the other groomsmen.
    Keep them organized, showing up to fittings, etc.
  • Organize the bachelor’s party.
  • Attend all the functions: wedding rehearsal and dinner, parties in which the wedding party is invited.
  • Prepare your “Best Man” reception speech.

  • Wedding Day
  • Keep the groom calm, organized and on time on wedding day.
  • Hold on to the bride’s wedding ring.
  • Make sure the groom has the marriage license {you will be signing it}.
  • Know how to tie your tie and pin your boutonniere {and perhaps the other groomsmen too}.
  • Transport guests to and from the airport—​if needed.
  • Deliver the fee to the officiate.
  • Decorate the getaway ride—​with a little help from your wedding party friends.
  • Be available. Be a best friend.

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Top 12 Best Man Duties