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Magnetic Calendars
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Magnetic Calendars
Classic Magnets
2-Person Layout

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Customer Raves & Reviews

nicely finished product
Nov 22, 2013
Modern Skyline, Black with City Name, 2-Person Full Magnet Calendars Follow up work from caring staff very professional and efficient!
Always the best!
Nov 21, 2013
HOME, 2-Person Full Magnet Calendars I have been purchasing my annual calendars from Magnet Street since 2005. The design department is very helpful with any problems I have had with logos, etc. They always are delivered to me in a timely manner. My clients love them and have even started collecting my magnet calendars. I walk into homes all the time and see my kitchen measurements calendar that I sent out 5 years ago on display. Magnetstreet's products are affordable and the advertising you are looking for goes on for 365 days a year!
Fantastic Products and Service
Nov 4, 2013
House, Cream & Gray, 2-Person Full Magnet Calendars We have been ordering the 3 1/2 X 5 1/2 calendar magnets for several years now. We mail them to all our clients between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We order a few extra and keep them on the front counter so clients can see them when they come in to the office. Our clients love them! The customer service is outstanding, the product is excellent, and the prices are great!
Great holiday gifts!
Oct 25, 2013
Eagle and Mountains, 2-Person Full Magnet Calendars We have been using magnetStreet for years and include calendars in our Holiday mailing. This year we are sending out over a 1000 cards to past clients, friends and family. It's a nice way to stay in touch. We highly recommend magnetStreet products and services!
Phenomenal Service...personal too!
Dec 5, 2012
Four Seasons, Important Dates, 2-Person Full Magnet Calendars Haven't had time for anything more than a quick look at the physical item itself, but it looks to be exactly as proofed. Mostly I would like to comment on the seamless, simple & friendly process of ordering, proofing & then recieving (I'm in Canada!) these magnetic calendars. Congratulations on a job well done!! Thanks & Merry Christmas, Harold