Save the Dates

Save the Dates

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Save the Date Magnets
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Save the Date Magnets

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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

Good work!
Mar 31, 2014
Our Sweet Love Save the Date Magnets We loved our save the dates. They are great quality there's lots of options for sizes and so much flex ability to use your colors. They were just what we needed!
Mar 18, 2014
Our Sweet Love Save the Date Magnets This magnet was perfect. Exactly how I wanted it. The designer made perfect adjustments I did not see when creating it.
Cute magnets
Mar 19, 2014
Our Sweet Love Save the Date Magnets I love my save the date magnets! They were super easy to design and very affordable. So happy with how they turned out and they came within the week! Came with a really cute box and package on how to design the wedding invitations.
Loved them!
Feb 12, 2014
Our Sweet Love Save the Date Magnets The magnets and card carriers look great and came earlier than expected! I was so excited to send them out I started addressing them the night I got them. The colors were representative of what I saw on the screen and the print quality was good. Would definitely buy again :-)
Absolutely love my Save the Dates!!
Feb 5, 2014
Our Sweet Love Save the Date Magnets There we so many Save the Date designs that I could choose from and all were customizable. I designed many sample Save the Dates with my engagement photos and ordered many "Just Ones" before I made my final picks! Placing my order was very easy and the customer representatives were very helpful. I ordered extra envelopes but realized I did not need them so I called up a rep and they were able to cancel my order immediately. I was surprised how fast they processed my return! My final order arrived within a week and came in a beautiful "Tiffany colored" box. It was a very special moment and couldn't wait to show my friends and family. I have started to hand out my Save the Dates and have gotten rave reviews!! Thank you Magnet Street for making my wedding day extra special. :)