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Carrier Cards
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Carrier Cards

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Customer Raves & Reviews

Dec 6, 2012
Striped Perfection Classic Magnet Carrier Cards I'm so glad I got the carrier cards! They were so easily personalized as far as colors and wording on the back. The ONLY thing I wish they had was able to put the magnet on top of the card to see what it will look like. I just had to trust that it would fit and look great together. Don't think that because the stripes are horizontal that it will not look good with vertical stripes on the magnet. It looks great! So fun and personal! Love it!
Perfect carrier card
Aug 5, 2012
Teal Radiance Classic Magnet Carrier Cards I was so pleased with the high quality of my carrier cards! I changed the colors to navy & kiwi and was extremely impressed how true the color was! I would definitely order products from here again! Shipment arrived very quickly!
Nice added touch
Jan 11, 2012
Striped Perfection Classic Magnet Carrier Cards I got these to make mailing the magnets a little easier and I must say, they really were a nice added touch. The contrasting stripes looked really nice behind the magnet. I included hotel and wedding website information on the back of the card and it seems to have worked out really well. I had an excellent experience with Magnet Street and will likely order my wedding invitations through them because of the experience.
Makes it better
Oct 12, 2011
Striped Perfection Mini Magnet Carrier Cards The carrier cards made my small magnets look much much better in the envelope. I encourage you to buy this if you are going to use mini magnets. It is a must!