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Save the Dates

Save the Dates

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2.25" x 5.875" Magnets
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2.25" x 5.875" Magnets
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Customer Raves & Reviews

Love the design!
Dec 13, 2013
He Stole My Heart Save the Date Magnets The quality of the work is out of this world and cute.
Beautiful Save the Dates!
Aug 17, 2013
Plaid Peony Save the Date Magnets They arrived earlier than quoted, which was very nice! The quality was great, I was actually nervous when we decided to buy them, because you never know what you might get when ordering products off of the internet. The packaging was great and well set up from a marketing approach. I would recommend any savvy shopper to purchase the products from Magnet Street!
Beautiful Design
Dec 3, 2012
True Love's Thumbprint Save the Date Magnets Great, unique save the date magnets. The personalization process is so easy. Ensure you leave plenty of time (I ordered about a month before I wanted to mail the magnets out, and this was just the right amount of time with the standard shipping to Canada.) I did find it a little tricky to find the right color/font combo, to ensure the details were easy to read - ultimately it worked out, but it might have been easier with the option to bold certain aspects of the font? Also, the edges of some magnets were a bit rough, but nothing terrible. We have had quite a few compliments on the finished product, and I'm really happy we went with them.
Nov 21, 2011
In Full Bloom Save the Date Magnets These were great! They looked exactly like they did on the computer! The magnet is thin but not flimsy, something that is perfect to mail in an envelope, though I wouldn't recommend folding them in half or twisting them in any way as they would be damaged. The design was clean and crisp, all the colors were the exact shades that they appeared to be on the computer. The shipping time stated was up to fifteen days, I believe we received them on the fifteenth day. Everything was in great condition when we received it. I very much appreciate the example cards and the booklet with all of their colors that was sent with it. I will definitely be ordering my cards from them as well!