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Circle of Love
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    Circle of Love
    Personal Stationery
    3.5" x 5" Folded
    $1.39 each for 150
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    Circle of Love
    Personal Stationery
    4" x 6"
    $1.84 each for 25
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    Circle of Love
    Rectangle Invitations
    5" x 7.875"
    $1.50 each for 150
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    Circle of Love
    Square Invitations
    5.875" x 5.875"
    $1.50 each for 150
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    Circle of Love
    Tea-length Invitations
    3.625" x 8.875"
    $1.50 each for 150
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No Photos
Circle of Love

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Customer Raves & Reviews

Easy and Beautiful
Aug 22, 2013
Circle of Love Square Invitations It was fun and easy to design my invitations. Picking and tweaking my colors was definitely a highlight. And they turned out beautifully.
Great Quality
Feb 23, 2013
Circle of Love Envelope Seals I needed these to finish my invites. The service was prompt and stickers looked great!!
awesome service, great value, totally classy
Jun 18, 2012
Circle of Love Tea-length Invitations I only scored paper and print as merely good because these are not high-end, luxurious invitations. For the value, though, I am EXTREMELY pleased. We had a TON of changes to make, adding elements that weren't even options in the customize phase, and our designer worked with us very quickly to get exactly what we wanted. I will say that our initials on the vellum don't match of perfectly with the circles, which irks the control freak in me, but other than that they look just great!