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Tender Tendril
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    Tender Tendril
    Personal Stationery
    3.5" x 5" Folded
    $1.39 each for 150
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    Tender Tendril
    Personal Stationery
    4" x 6"
    $1.84 each for 25
  4. Quick View
    Tender Tendril
    Thank You Cards
    3.5" x 5" Folded
    $1.39 each for 150
  5. Quick View
    Tender Tendril
    Classic Magnet Carrier Cards
    4.4375" x 6.0625"
    $0.35 each for 150
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    Tender Tendril
    Foldover Pockets
    5" x 7.875" (folded)
    $2.85 each for 150
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    Tender Tendril
    Rectangle Invitations
    5" x 7.875"
    $1.50 each for 150
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    Tender Tendril
    Tea-length Invitations
    3.625" x 8.875"
    $1.50 each for 150
  15. Quick View
    Tender Tendril
    Square Invitations
    5.875" x 5.875"
    $1.50 each for 150
  16. Quick View
    Tender Tendril
    Pocket Invitations
    5.25" x 7.25" (folded)
    $3.15 each for 150
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    Tender Tendril
    Gate-fold Invitations
    5" x 7" (folded)
    $2.50 each for 150
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Tender Tendril

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Customer Raves & Reviews

So amazing
By Jess2828 on Nov 20, 2014
I just have to say I got my save the dates and my wedding invitations and they were both amazing. It was so easy to customize them online and once I ordered them they were here in no more than a week. I did need to change something after I approved them and they were able to change it for me. There is nothing that was not perfect! Highly recommend!
Great Product
By AllisonA on Jul 18, 2014
We used these tags on our wedding favors and they are absolutely gorgeous! So pleased with this purchase!
Beautiful Card, but...
By Lyndsey on Jun 9, 2014
It is a beautiful thank you card. It matches my invites - and I thought my shower thank yous should match my invites since my invites were sent out about two weeks before my shower. I changed the color and picked the luxe pearl to match my invites. I removed the inside wording, so I would have space to write my own thank you to each shower guest. The luxe pearl is difficult to write on - I have to press fairly hard and not all pens work on the paper. With that said, I am left handed, so that may be a personal issue. It's going to take me a lot longer to write the thank yous now, and that isn't fun. So far, I have only had to write about one a night based off of guests not coming, so it's not a huge deal, but I can imagine that after the shower is over, it will be. I also think the price is a little higher than some comparable thank you cards - but I really wanted matching ones (see above reasons, I guess I was having a bridezilla moment the day I ordered them?!?). When I saw that I could get nice looking cards (although not as nice as these), for a lot less, I kind of regretted buying these...not because the cards are not beautiful, but because I am trying to cut some corners, and this would have been one to cut. Overall, it is a beautiful card though!
By Joey88 on Jun 8, 2014
Quality, and design of item was beyond expectations for my wedding. The customer service was amazing as well and i received product very timely. Thanks again!!!
Lovely Invitation, great design team!
By Lyndsey on May 28, 2014
I really love this invitation (and everything about magnet street as I have ordered several items for our wedding using the "tender tendril" theme). I changed the colors to match my wedding colors and the complete invite is gorgeous. Classic with a modern twist. The design team centered the actual invite words for me and changed the font to the script (because I wasn't able to center and get the font correct myself). They did a fantastic job, and it was done super quickly. I chose the luxe pearl, because I do think that extra shimmer is a really nice touch. (The thought to go to the luxe pearl was that outside of my save the date magnets six months ago, this will be the first impression of our wedding, and I wanted to make sure people knew this will be a lovely event.) I read other reviews from some brides about the ink being a problem (running or smearing) on this invitation, and they were right - some of the invites had ink smears on them or the edges were pushed in, causing me not to use those invites. I ordered 125 invites, needing 96 total, and I probably wasn't able to use 25 of them because of the above listed problems. Also, I did have to buy extra stampage for these (I did three step cards, an RSVP envelope, vellum band, and vellum sheet) - luckily, USPS has 70 cent wedding stamps that you can order online, so that really wasn't a big deal, but just know that it's a possibility going in. I haven't actually sent the invite yet, but a few people have seen them (and helped me do the folding and stuffing), and they all have said they are really beautiful. Overall, I am super pleased. Just order extra, and it's a great choice!