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    Oui, Oui Paris!
    Wedding Place Cards
    3.5" x 2" (folded)
    $0.57 each for 150
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    Oui, Oui Paris!
    Thank You Cards
    3.5" x 5" Folded
    $1.39 each for 150
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    Oui, Oui Paris!
    Wedding Table Numbers
    3.5" x 5"
    $3.95 each for 10
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    Oui, Oui Paris!
    RSVP Postcards
    5" x 3.5"
    $1.00 each for 150
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    Oui, Oui Paris!
    Tea-length Invitations
    3.625" x 8.875"
    $1.50 each for 150
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    Oui, Oui Paris!
    Enclosure Cards
    5" x 3.5"
    $1.00 each for 150
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    Oui, Oui Paris!
    Rectangle Invitations
    5" x 7.875"
    $1.50 each for 150
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    Oui, Oui Paris!
    Pocket Invitations
    5.25" x 7.25" (folded)
    $3.15 each for 150
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    Oui, Oui Paris!
    Gate-fold Invitations
    5" x 7" (folded)
    $2.50 each for 150
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    Oui, Oui Paris!
    Square Invitations
    5.875" x 5.875"
    $1.50 each for 150
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    Oui, Oui Paris!
    Wedding Table Numbers
    2.5" x 3.5" (folded)
    $5.00 each for 8
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    Oui, Oui Paris!
    Save the Date Cards
    3.5" x 4"
    $1.04 each for 150
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Customer Raves & Reviews

Monumental Moments Photo Booth
Sep 14, 2014
Oui, Oui Paris! Wedding Place Cards Monumental Moments Photo Booth was great. They were very responsive. They worked out a timeline for good weather and a timeline for rain. The photo booth and props were great. Everyone loved it and the photo booth operator was also great. He was personable, friendly and answered any questions. The photo album and photo strips were also great quality. Everyone was impressed!
Great Card!
Jul 31, 2013
Oui, Oui Paris! Pocket Invitations My daughter chose this card because we were able to change the design to reflect New Orleans, the card it self is beautiful and you are able to select your own colors. The only suggestion I would have is to contact Magnetstreet and confirm colors prior to printing and we thought there was a slit to tuck the top part of the invitation into the pocket of the invitation but there was not but overall the invitations came in beautiful and Magnetstreet was wonderful to work with always trying to please the customer. Great company to work with!
Yet another great product in this collection
Mar 13, 2013
Oui, Oui Paris! Thank You Cards I used the Oui, Oui Paris template for most of my wedding materials (invitations, table numbers, thank you cards, etc.). The thank you notes are another great product from them. Really great design, excellent quality, and efficient processing and shipment as with all their other stuff. My only gripe is that the pictures on the front of the card appear smaller than they do on the template you edit. Not a huge deal, but wish the pictures took up more of the front of the card since that's the best part in my opinion.
Great Multipurpose labels
Jan 17, 2013
Oui, Oui Paris! Address Labels I ordered these for my wedding invitations to use as return address labels (which is their intended use). To maintain the theme I also reordered them to use as labels for the wedding favors. I love that you can personalize so much (wording, font, colors) on most everything offered through Magnet Street to really make it your own. Additionally I forgot to add these labels onto my order which included programs, menus, and table cards. The customer service department is great, let me add these labels onto the order and also offered my 25% off coupon which I found after I'd placed the original order. Love this company so much and will use them in future!
Lovely, but small
Jan 17, 2013
Oui, Oui Paris! Wedding Table Numbers I guess it's my own fault for not paying better attention to the size guidelines listed on the website. They look great, they're just much smaller than I anticipated. Table numbers should be larger in my opinion, but it's really not that big a deal. Looks wise and quality wise they are excellent, as is everything from this company.