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RSVP Postcards

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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

High Quality
Mar 31, 2014
Apple Blossoms RSVP Postcards I am so happy I purchased my wedding invitations through Magnet Street! I loved being able to customize the font of my invitations. Unique and stylish font was top priority for me when searching for invitations. No other company provided so many font options as Magnet Street did! I also loved the literally unlimited color options for further customization, and I am very impressed with the quality of the paper as well! With Magnet Street I got exactly what I wanted--unique, personal, stylish. I am thoroughly impressed and will be recommending this company to all my friends and family!
Beyond Excited
Mar 7, 2014
Floral Lace RSVP Postcards When I first ordered my invites I noticed I made a mistake and called the company. I talked to Nancy who was more than happy to help. Turns out the staff already had corrected my mistake for me. So thankful. My invites, reception cards, and response postcards came in the mail yesterday. The beautiful box and presentation was beyond what I expected. When I saw the invitations and the quality I was excited to send them out. They match my wedding theme perfectly! Thank you so much magnet street and staff for adding to my fiancée and my special day.
Clean and Modern
Feb 16, 2014 RSVP Postcards Love the final product! They look expensive but were a great cost. The color didn't turn out exactly as expected, but is close enough. The pearlessant paper is beautiful and really makes the simple design shine!
I love Magnetstreet
Feb 5, 2014
Wall of Love RSVP Postcards I have found Magnet street to be the best site for our wedding invitation needs. We found the site when looking for Save the Date magnets, and were won over with their user friendly website and easy to customize products. Pricing was very reasonable. I would highly recommend them.
Awesome Service
Feb 7, 2014
Modern Honeycomb Lace RSVP Postcards I was very impressed with the customer service. We had to reprint our RSVP cards and the service was fast and we were only charged a minimal fee.