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Enclosure Cards
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Enclosure Cards

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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

Absolutely perfect!
Feb 28, 2013
Wall of Love Enclosure Cards I couldn't be any more happier with my recent purchase! A little pricey but so worth it. The quality is great. I love that you can personalize any card!!
Cannot re-order them if needed!
Jan 11, 2012
Wall of Love Enclosure Cards I loved the card but I do not like how you cannot reorder them!!! I only ordered a few to see how I liked them and now I need to re-do my order.... INCONVENIENT!
Great Cards!
Nov 30, 2011
Signature of Love Enclosure Cards I couldn't be more happy with them!..they really brought the invitations together!~
Feb 28, 2012
Signature of Love Enclosure Cards I used Magnet Street for my save-the-date magnets and wedding invitations. Personalizing my products was an easy process, as step-by-step directions were provided. I loved the various options for colors, texts, and images. I spoke with staff on a couple of occasions, and each time they were helpful and happy to be of assistance! I really like that you can add "notes" to the drafts and staff can make changes according to customers' requests. I will recommend Magnet Street to future brides!
No Complaints At All!
Jan 13, 2012
A Sweetest Thing Enclosure Cards Loved these enclosure cards. Exactly what I thought they would be. I did a celery background with eggplant flower and black writing. Everything was clearly readable. Turned out awesome. Love that you can also put text on the back.