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Enclosure Cards
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Enclosure Cards

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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

Feb 11, 2014
Flip Flops in the Sun Enclosure Cards These invites are perfect for our beach wedding. They were easy to customize to be exactly as we wanted them. We ordered a just for one and it took quite a while to get here and we were a little hesitant about ordering the full set of invites. But we loved them so we did, just changed up the orientation a bit to the flat version from the gate fold, and we are so glad we did! It looks awesome. They came so fast and in an awesome box. Great color choices. We love them!
Beautiful presentation
Feb 8, 2014
Botanical Bliss Enclosure Cards I ordered Botanical Bliss wedding invitations and save the dates. I absolutely love them. The delivery was very fast, and the packaging they came in was wonderful. They were daintily wrapped in tissue paper, silk ribbon, and put into a blue box with a magnet closure. Just the fact that someone cared enough to package these invitations so thoughtfully was touching. It made me feel very special, and made everything start feeling real! The personalization element is helpful when choosing the design. The only part I wasn't thrilled about was that I couldn't move up the font where our names were written. I didn't want the entire text about who was hosting the wedding so I shortened it, but then the spacing was off. I couldn't fix it, so I left it
Excellent Product
Sep 19, 2012
Forever Yours Enclosure Cards I originally ordered my save-the-dates from magnet street and was convinced that I would go to a shop and have my invitations done. However from the moment my save-the-dates came in I was over the top pleased with magnet street and decided I would look into making my invitations with magnet street. I was a little nervous about designing online and not being able to physically see it first before I ordered but the process is SO easy. Magnet street has truly got everything set to be user friendly and they are extremely helpful if you need assistance. THey are very thorough with each order. I would highly recommend magnet street to EVERYONE!
Great Insert!
Dec 2, 2011
Forever Yours Enclosure Cards Loved the insert cards. The print was a little small, but then again I ordered online so it's hard to picture how big something will be doing that.
Sep 24, 2011
Perfect Promise Enclosure Cards Enclosure card was high quality and gorgeous colors. JUST like how it appears when you are designing it. Love mine.