Save the Dates

Save the Dates

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3.5" x 4" Magnets
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3.5" x 4" Magnets

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Customer Raves & Reviews

Great Magnet
Jul 6, 2014
Made for Each Other Save the Date Magnets Great product! Just make sure you seal the envelopes well because they opened a few times and they ripped a little putting the magnets in. The magnet itself is great though!
Nothing but compliments
Jul 3, 2014
Made for Each Other Save the Date Magnets I had a great experience with my ordering my save the date magnets, and people can't stop telling us how cute they are! There are a lot of choices of color, design, size, etc. They came pretty quickly too!
Wonderful Save-the-Date
Jun 29, 2014
Modern Honeycomb Lace Save the Date Magnets I loved my save-the-date! I went with a light blue background color with our engagement picture. We went with the wording that was already set with the save-the-date. I was very happy with how high of quality the magnet was. I am so happy with my save-the-date and have received so many compliments on them.
Perfectly Customizeable
May 19, 2014
Fetching Frames Save the Date Magnets After receiving my magnet, I was extremely pleased with the size, quality, and it's every detail! I was able to customize it with my wedding colors, from the background, to the words, to the border! I was even allowed to add hearts that were the color Azalea, which perfectly matched my border, and added just the right touch! I was also able to change my date from the numerical format, to the more formal long format, which came out so beautifully. The only thing that was somewhat disappointing about this magnet design, was the fact that only certain pictures were able to fully fit (without being off-center, or eliminating important aspects of the picture), regardless of the size adjusting feature that MagnetStreet's Design Studio offered. Thankfully, MagnetStreet has so many different save-the-date designs, that you are bound to find one that suits your taste, pictures, and style perfectly! Not to mention, MagnetStreet's customer service team is outstanding! They were so helpful with every detail that I requested, and so quick to respond to all of my concerns. They treat their customers like family, and with the utmost respect. I will most definitely be ordering the rest of my stationary with MagnetStreet, and I will recommend their products to ALL of my friends and family! *I hold the copyright for my save-the-date magnet images.*
Apr 15, 2014
Made for Each Other Save the Date Magnets Checked the mail yesterday and there our save the dates were...I couldn't wait to open the box...when I open it I was so pleased. I love the box they came in and the booklet of different types of invites we could choose from. I'm excited to send these to our family & friends. Can't wait to pick order and get our invites, programs and thank you cards in. Thank you magnet street!