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Save the Dates

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3.5" x 4" Magnets
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3.5" x 4" Magnets

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Customer Raves & Reviews

Stand out Save the Dates!
Aug 7, 2014
Life of Luxury Save the Date Magnets My fiancĂ© and i were are really hooked on the idea of "not wasting money on things people throw away" so we really wanted to do a fun magnet for our save the date, rather than the typical postcard that you NEED a magnet to hang on the fridge! They are decent quality- of course not everyone wants a picture of our dogs forever...but for the meantime, they are a big hit, and we have received a lot of compliments!
Great magnets for save the dates!
Aug 1, 2014
Life of Luxury Save the Date Magnets I did some shopping around and Magnet Street had good prices for its save the dates, plus Magnet Street often sends out coupons. Keep in mind that price per magnet varies by quantity. There are many designs to choose from. You can't really rotate text in the design but you can change its size and color. There is an option to request a change in the design for which someone will send you a proof to ensure that the change is as desired.
Perfect save the dates
Jul 12, 2014
Life of Luxury Save the Date Magnets Could not have been an easier experience designing and ordering our save the dates! The design tools were great, and the quality of the finished product was fantastic. I loved that the picture we added into the design came out in such high quality and was not pixelated or anything like that.
Love how much you can personalize them!
Jul 8, 2014
Field of Love Save the Date Magnets After having received Save the Date magnets from Magnet Street from two friends, and countless searches across other companies, I kept coming back to Magnet Street to create my designs. I love that you can change the colors and fonts to anything you want, not just a pre-determined 5 or 6 colors that other companies let you pick from. This really let me feel like these were MY Save the Dates that no one else would have. The online customer service team is fantastic as well, answering any questions I had as I designed. Once they were ordered, they shipped very quickly to my parents' house in Ohio (I live in the UK.) The quality is very good and I liked the box of extras that it came with. My only complaint is they don't deliver to the UK, so all my orders will have to be shipped to my parents.
Wonderful Save-the-Date
Jun 29, 2014
Modern Honeycomb Lace Save the Date Magnets I loved my save-the-date! I went with a light blue background color with our engagement picture. We went with the wording that was already set with the save-the-date. I was very happy with how high of quality the magnet was. I am so happy with my save-the-date and have received so many compliments on them.