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Save the Dates

Save the Dates

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3.5" x 4" Magnets
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3.5" x 4" Magnets
Multiple Photos

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Customer Raves & Reviews

Awesome Magnets!
Feb 22, 2015
Modern Chevron Save the Date Magnets The price was awesome! The shipping was super fast and the communication between the site and myself was great!! 100% satisfied and would definitely recommend magnet street to anyone looking for save the dates! Thanks!!
Beautiful and good quality
Feb 13, 2015
Captivating Save the Date Magnets I was a lil concerned when I ordered because i had both black and white and colored picture on my card ,BUT THEY CAME OUT BEAUTIFUL.I LOVE IT! PERFECT MATTE LOOK!
Absolutely Priceless
Feb 10, 2015
Captivating Save the Date Magnets My save the date magnets are absolutely priceless. I always get my monies worth at magnet street. They have not let me down yet.
Great customer service
Feb 2, 2015
Made for Each Other Save the Date Magnets There was an issue with my order where the first batch of Save the Dates was not printed correctly. I called and spoke to Andrea who was very nice and spoke to production/printing who re-printed my order and I received it by the following week. I must say the Quality and print of the second batch of Save The Date was far better than the first. Thank you for your exceptional customer service as each time I called the reps were so helpful.
Perfect Save the dates and wedding invitations
Jan 31, 2015
Made for Each Other Save the Date Magnets My fiancé and I chose to use Magnetstreet due to reading prior reviews. We were not let down by the quality, customer service and promptness in receiving our orders. Magnetstreet as made a life long costumer with us. Not that we're ready for a child but was already looking at baby shower invites ;) . Thank you so much for making this part of wedding planning easy and stress less. Can't wait to send them out!