Save the Dates

Save the Dates

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2" x 3.5" Magnets
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2" x 3.5" Magnets

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Customer Raves & Reviews

the magnets were better than we expected. we love them!!!!
Feb 17, 2014
Darling Daisy Save the Date Magnets Love the save the date magnets!! They turned out better than the picture and better than we expected. It was great that they also sent some invitation samples and planning book!
Everything was done and delivered to me within 2 weeks
Aug 19, 2011
Effortless Emblem Save the Date Magnets I really like the fact that no matter what invitation I picked I could change the colors to fit my theme
Great Save the Date! :)
Dec 1, 2011
Effortless Emblem Save the Date Magnets I ordered this magnet as my Save-The-Date for my wedding this June. I loved the colors and the design of the magnet. I was able to customize my magnet by taking away the "" logo off the bottom right hand corner. I also changed the "and" symbol behind our names to the keyboard symbol &. I thought the cursive "and" symbol in the original magnet looked too much like the letter E. I also centered the "and" symbol behind our names for I thought the original "and" symbol was too high and it looked uneven. Overall, I am happy with my purchase! The turn around time between placing my order and receving them at my house was REALLY QUICK!
Oct 13, 2011
Effortless Emblem Save the Date Magnets I went out on a limb and ordered my Save the Dates without ordering a sample. The colors are as close as I could have hoped for. The only dissappointment, is the thickness of the magnets. Don't get me wrong, they do work, it's just sometimes a little difficult to get ahold of when removing them from the fridge. Overall, very pleased with the product and the price!!
Awesome Save the Date Magnets
Feb 28, 2012
Ocean Mosaic Save the Date Magnets I looked all over the internet for the best save the date magnets. These magnet were priced comparably or even lower than a lot of other sites. GREAT quality for the money. I really liked the options that they had for designs that weren't just a big photo magnet. Good magnet quality, can hold up a piece of paper not much more, but they look really cute. Durable feeling, won't rip, not cheap. The printing looks really good, very happy, would definitely recommend!