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Peacock Pizzazz
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  1. Peacock Pizzazz
    Thank You Cards
    3.5" x 5" Folded
  2. Quick View
    Peacock Pizzazz
    Rectangle Invitations
    5" x 7.875"
  3. Peacock Pizzazz
    Classic Magnet Carrier Cards
    4.4375" x 6.0625"
  4. Peacock Pizzazz
    Tea-length Programs
    3.625" x 8.875"
  5. Peacock Pizzazz
    Wedding Program Fans
    5" x 7.875"
  6. Peacock Pizzazz
    Gate-fold Programs
    5" x 7" (folded)
  7. Peacock Pizzazz
    Rectangle Programs
    5" x 7.875"
  8. Peacock Pizzazz
    Half-fold Programs
    5" x 7.875" Folded
  9. Peacock Pizzazz
    Pocket Invitations
    5.25" x 7.25" (folded)
  10. Peacock Pizzazz
    Tea-length Tri-fold Programs
    3.6875" x 8.875" (folded)
  11. Quick View
    Peacock Pizzazz
    Square Invitations
    5.875" x 5.875"
  12. Peacock Pizzazz
    Gate-fold Invitations
    5" x 7" (folded)
  13. Peacock Pizzazz
    Rectangle Tri-fold Programs
    5" x 7.875" (folded)
  14. Quick View
    Peacock Pizzazz
    Tea-length Invitations
    3.625" x 8.875"
  15. Peacock Pizzazz
    Square Tri-fold Programs
    5.25" x 5.25" (folded)
  16. Peacock Pizzazz
    Square Programs
    5.875" x 5.875"
  17. Peacock Pizzazz
    Wedding Program Fans
    6.25" x 6.25"
  18. Peacock Pizzazz
    Save the Date Cards
    3.5" x 5.5"
  19. Peacock Pizzazz
    Save the Date Cards
    3.5" x 4"
  20. Peacock Pizzazz
    Save the Date Cards
    5" x 7"
  21. Peacock Pizzazz
    Save the Date Cards
    4" x 9"
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No Photos
Peacock Pizzazz

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Customer Raves & Reviews

Wedding Programs
By XAggie00 on Oct 6, 2013
Our wedding is outside in October in Texas, so you never know what the temperature or weather will be like. To be safe, I wanted to order program fans for convenience in case some would prefer a "breeze" during the outdoor ceremony. I absolutely LOVE them!! The Peacock Pizzazz design is absolutely gorgeous!! That is what our wedding invitations were done in, and I have had countless people tell me that our invitations are, hands-down, the most beautiful and elegant invitations that they have ever included! And if a wedding invitation can make a man smile, you know you've got a winner. ;-) I would recommend this design to any bride!! And for a bonus, you can always find great promo codes for your first order. Then, once you order one thing, my packages have always come with additional coupons for other products that need to be ordered (i.e., 25% off thank you notes, and 50% off programs)!
Beautiful Peacock
By Michiluz on Dec 2, 2011
I am in awe. I absolutely love the Peacock Pizzazz collection and was so happy to have found it for my wedding.
Super happy with purchase. Love everything ordered.
By jkm1 on Apr 9, 2015
These invitations are absolutely gorgeous. Colors are so bold. Ordered invitation with address return on envelope, vellum band, oval sticker, RSVP card and information card (printed on both sides) printed return envelopes for RSVP. I will be ordering programs and thank you cards in a few weeks. Received everything I ordered in 8 days. Came in a really nice box that can be used as a keepsake box afterwards. Really happy with everything.
Perfect Labels for my Thank you cards
By MrsDianeForest on Apr 4, 2015
I ordered the same in my custom color purple for the Wedding Invitations, and this set with another custom color for my Thank you cards. They are beautifully done, the colors are amazing. Plus I ordered extra to use going forward in our new life
Perfect peacock invitations
By Jami77 on Mar 25, 2015
Perfect doesn't even begin to describe these invitations! Making these invitations was very simple plus they give you unlimited options to personalize it to your theme. Making these invitations is what actually got me excited to plan the rest of my wedding! I love them and can't wait for all our family and friends to see them =)