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Save the Dates

Save the Dates

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3.5" x 4" Magnets
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3.5" x 4" Magnets

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Customer Raves & Reviews

Great product, clear pictures and fonts - Very happy with result!
By Tahagal on Jan 11, 2012
I was thrilled when we received our magnets in the mail. I designed our Save the Date and then debated ordering them for over a month. It scares me to order things like this online because you don't know if the color will turn out right, if the font will be easy to read, or if the over all product will even be big enough. I was also nervous about postage and if it would be the normal cost, and if the product would be sorted via the machine rather than by hand at the post office (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT). We took it into the post office when we got them delivered and they cost the normal stamp price and we were told they were big enough to be sorted via machine! We used a layout that had 4 photos on it with the writing down below. Everything was easy to see and read. I made sure to use professional photos to ensure the pictures didn't turn out blurry. Our colors were Grey and Pink and they were exactly as we hoped for. We have already gotten soo many compliments on our magnets and they just went out last week! I would definitely recommend this website and product to anyone that asked!
Beautiful Magnet
By Tifflm on Apr 12, 2015
At first I was really worried that getting pictures on a magnet would not turn out very well. When the magnet came in, I was very shocked to see how amazing the picture quality is. The colors even match our colors perfectly. I couldn't be more pleased.
Great Quality and Look
By nimoway20 on Apr 2, 2015
Got these magnets for my save the date. I liked the various options but to a point there were so many i liked it was hard to choose. This one is really pretty with alot of color options. I wish I was able to move the txt around a little more however it came out great.
just what I wanted!
By RebekahR on Mar 31, 2015
These save the date magnets are the perfect small size so they don't take over someone's fridge. There were plenty of background and leaf color options to choose from so that I could get exactly what I wanted.
Save the Dates Magnets
By Ivy11 on Mar 28, 2015
They came in a beautiful box, very well packaged! Everything exactly how I ordered it. I would only advise you to use very close pictures that shows your face, I added two picture not too close to my face and you can barely see the face it made seem farther.