Baby Shower Invitations
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Baby Shower Invitations
One Photo

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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

Sep 3, 2011
Bubbles Baby Shower Invitations These invitations are just one example of many products I have bought within the past year from Magnet Street. I highly recommend this company. I will do all my future busines with them. I have done other baby shower invitations, wedding invitations, Save-the-date magnets, etc... I also want to say that the customer service is EXCELLENT!
Baby showe invite
Jun 9, 2013
Something Sweet Baby Shower Invitations The quality of the paper used for this invite was great. I loved the personalization. The color options, font, and photo makes this a truly unique invitation.
Lovely shower invitations
May 18, 2013
Little Piggies Baby Shower Invitations Our order arrived fairly quick after purchase (about 1-1.5 weeks). The web app used to personalize the cards was very slow and not very user friendly, but it is better than nothing. Though we didn't use it, I liked the option to upload our own pic. We used Magnet Street for our wedding invitation, so this was our second time using them. I would recommend using them again.