6 Reasons Why Event Schedule Magnets Are A Hot Ticket For Your Business

People wait all year long just for the summer festival season to start. Many communities now schedule events that provide easy chances to interact with neighbors and experience community in ways that will remind you of The Wonder Years. From movies and concerts in the park, to carnivals, lollapaloozas and food fests everyone loves summer events! So, how can you capitalize on the festival season — to help you build awareness and grow your business?

Give the people in your community a useful, attractive and handy event schedule — personalized by you!

  1. Build Awareness: Shine new light on your business.
  2. Build Relationships: Meet new people by handing them out in person.
  3. Targeted Exposure: Yours is the most popular magnet on the fridge!
  4. Community Engagement: You develop strong ties to your community.
  5. Personalized message: You’re in control of colors, fonts, imprints, events, etc.
  6. Everybody wants one: But who offers them — except for you!

Summer events can usually be found on your city’s website or by calling your city hall. Some other events that may not be sponsored by the city but could be included are sporting events, concerts, art shows, car shows, and county or state fairs. Ask your friends what they like to do in the summer to help spark your creativity.

If you want to go the extra mile, attend the events that you list by yourself or with your family. When people see that you are part of their community and relate to you, they’ll trust you more. It’s a great opportunity to make new connections with future customers.

Get ready to build your business by building awareness through Event Schedule Magnets. Be sure to share the great stories you have about attending community events in the comments below. We all love learning from each other’s experiences!