4 Tips for Getting the Most out of your Calendar Magnet


Magnetic Calendars continue to be a proven tool for building impressions, specifically for real estate agents. And just like all forms of marketing, it can be easy to forget what the end goal is. By taking a little bit of time to plan, you can keep the ultimate goal in mind every step of the way.

Here are 4 tips to maximize the return on investment from your Calendar Magnets:

1. Segment your leads

Who do you want as your clients in this year? The process of answering that question will likely bring to mind a few different types of people. Families with small children. Condo dwellers. Returning clients. Whatever the answers, each of these groups has unique needs and unique values. As you are planning your calendar magnet campaign, consider ordering multiple versions. Some of our customers order their calendar in multiple languages, while others simply change the tagline to uniquely show value to each segment.

2. Personalize with a response in mind

This is your chance to make your Magnetic Calendar exactly how you want it to be. You can either do this yourself on our website by using our design tool, called Design Studio, or have one of our designers do the work for you. Either way, there is no setup fee unless you want to make complicated changes to the template (which we’re still happy to do for a small charge).

Start by deciding how you want your segments to respond. Are you hoping for a phone call to set up a meeting? A visit to your website? Connecting through Facebook? Set up your contact information and imprints to emphasize that action.

For real estate agents, there are usually many different things that could be included. Take a moment to consider what each element is accomplishing. For example, do your designations and titles add credibility or create confusion? Does it move your recipient closer to the action you want them to take? Sometimes less is more. On the other hand, are you actively using social media? Maybe you should feature your account(s) on your calendar.

3. Consider the right delivery method

The most common way for our customers to distribute their Magnetic Calendars is to mail them.  That does continue to be successful, but occasionally it’s worth it to take a more personal approach. Would it be worth your time to deliver them face-to-face? Many people still go door-to-door, which gives you the chance to make a personal connection with the neighborhood you are targeting. Other options could be to sponsor a sporting event or throw a neighborhood party. Ultimately it comes down to choosing your priority. If you are most interested in building up awareness of your business in a large area, mailing is still the way to go.

If you want to include a note with your Magnetic Calendar mailing, consider our new Magnet Carrier Cards. These linen cards include slits that wrap around our Mini Calendar Magnets. Each card has space on the back to print a greeting or holiday message to your leads. They can also be personalized to any color that you wish. Many of our Mini Calendar Magnets even have coordinating Carrier Cards that feature similar design elements.

For those of you concerned about mailing weight, the magnet and card total about .7 ounces. These cards can be ordered while you are selecting your Mini Calendar Magnet under “Select Coordinating Items”.

4. Plan to Follow Up

Are there specific times of the year that you are going to follow up with these prospects? Consider including that on your magnet. Some examples are inviting people to a First Time Home Buyer class, attending high school sporting events, or visiting your target neighborhoods on National Night Out.

By following each of these four tips while ordering your Calendar Magnet, you can feel confident that your investment now will lead to a growing source of leads in the new year.

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