Customer Picks for 2014 Calendars


Ever wonder what other customers are choosing for their year-end calendar mailing? Take a look at our most popular products and what real business owners have to say about them.



These products feature at-a-glance monthly calendars on each page. Available with a custom top or a place to attach your paper business card, these are our most popular calendar types.

Home Sweet Home (RMT-114)

Personalized Tear Off Calendar

rmt11416-pg calendar
SIZE: 3.5” x 6.25”
WEIGHT: 1 oz (including envelope)

“Great customer service, start to finish. My company logo was difficult to upload so the design team took over and got it done. Everyone I spoke to was helpful and took care to make sure I was satisfied with the finished product. I am very pleased with the 2013 calendars and look forward to sending them to my database. Thank you!”

-Happy101 (Minnetonka, MN)  Read more reviews


Quick & Tasty Recipes (T-104)

QuickShip Tear Off Calendar


16-pg calendar
Personalize by attaching a paper business card
SIZE: 3.5” x 6.25”
WEIGHT: 1 oz (including envelope)

“An excellent source of advertising! I have been using the tear-off calendars for years and the healthy recipes have been a big hit. I get feedback all the time all year long.”

-mom1   Read more reviews




With your photo and custom info on each page, these calendar are very high-impact. They’re large enough to write in, but don’t take up too much space on the fridge, making it an interactive and practical product for clients to use.

Refined Band (FP-225)

Fridge Pad Calendar

FP-22514-pg calendar
SIZE: 7.75” x 11.75”
WEIGHT: 4.5 oz

“This is by far the best magnetic refrigerator calendar out there. My clients love them. In fact, I start getting phone calls in November asking whether they will be getting one for the New Year. There is a lot of room to write notes and important information on the individual days. The header part prints up crisp and sharp. Check this out. It’s a great value.” -RealEstateNOVADan (Ashburn, VA)   Read more reviews


Home Design & Décor (FP-235)

Fridge Pad Calendar

fp23514-pg calendar
SIZE: 7.75” x 11.75”
WEIGHT: 4.5 oz

“Clients look forward to the fridge calendar every year, fun designs to choose from, big enough to write on but small enough doesn’t take up too much space on fridge or filing cabinet.”

-Cbrealtor23 (Grand Junction, CO)   Read more reviews




Our original calendar magnet option, these calendars are great quick references for clients to use for dates on any month throughout the year, all on the same magnet.  An impressive impact yet small and light enough to mail efficiently, these magnets deliver a great value.

Flag Fading to White (C-011)

Classic Full Magnet Calendars

c011SIZE: 3.7″ x 5.7”
WEIGHT: .8 oz

“I was pleased with the quality of the calendar! Picked the Flag design, however, I was just experimenting with the program set up and realized I could incorporate a photo of my choosing into the magnetic calendar. That way, I was able to personalize the calendar to a local theme. MagnetStreet warned me about the photo quality and the size I submitted, however, it came out great. The proof was true to the actual calendar. Great value!”  -RubyFan (Sonora, CA)   Read more reviews


House Silhouette, Important Dates (D-10527)

Large Full Magnet Calendars

D-10527SIZE: 4″ x 7”
WEIGHT: 1.1 oz

“This won’t get tossed! I have been using calendar magnets for years. The style I use also includes the list of holidays. How often do people ask “When is Easter next year?” Now they know. This list on our calendars differentiates us and increases our retention rate. I have ordered different styles every year, different colors, different sizes but always the same picture so we are a recognizable, familiar and consistent face in their homes.”

-Pattee (Reno, NV)  Read more reviews



Modern Brand (A-10440)

Mini Full Magnet Calendars

a10440SIZE: 3.5″ x4”
WEIGHT: .5 oz

“I find that this is a very appropriate size to hang on a customer or prospective customer’s fridge year round without being obnoxious and having my giant picture staring at someone every morning.

The design is stunning.  This one allows me to represent myself as well as the industry with a nice size home (not a mega mansion) featured on front. It also gave me the option to use a picture of my choice but I felt this one was a nice representation of the homes I sell in my market.”  -Shelbi17 (Richmond, VA)   Read more reviews


These products are just a few of the many options we can provide for you to effectively personalize and advertise your business to clients. You can view more popular calendars and reviews online. Start by viewing our most popular calendars as a starting point and customize them to make them work for you!

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