Connecting through Photography: featuring Peggy Carter


Photography has changed. You used to need an expensive camera & years of experience to take a high quality photo. For business owners, that meant you were stuck either using cheesy stock photography or spending a lot of money hiring a professional photographer. Fortunately, camera prices have come down significantly and are much easier to use. Most digital SLR cameras can take print-quality pictures that you’ll be happy with after you spend a little bit of time becoming familiar with the various settings.

Promotional magnets have really benefited from these advancements. While our designers do a great job choosing the photography that is included in our calendar layouts, they love to see when our customers take their own photos of local, popular places in their community. You can read a previous post discussing why this simple practice will help your audience connect with you.

Peggy Carter, a REALTOR® with Coldwell Banker, did a wonderful job of scouting out a local place to take a photograph for her magnet last Summer.

Peggy’s husband Rob took the picture in Dover, NH. They wanted to capture the old mill feeling that Dover is redeveloping, as well as the rivers that flow through downtown. I’m sure an area as beautiful as this is well known to people in the community, and I’m sure they would prefer to display a picture of this park rather than something they don’t recognize. That extra thought & effort will translate into more impressions & stronger connections with her customers. Peggy even mentioned that when she goes to a home for the first time in order to list it, her magnet is usually on the refrigerator.

What areas of your community foster a sense of pride? Where can you take a photo that will give that extra finishing touch to your new Magnetic Calendar?

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