Handwritten Thank You Notes are Good for Business


It’s never been easier for businesses to follow up with leads that come their way. And all of us in sales and marketing are taking full advantage of that. According to Fast Company, the average consumer sees or hears nearly 3,000 marketing messages per day. As I’m sure you’re already thinking, the key is to make sure your message is relevant enough to be one of the few that is actually noticed and responded to. For those of you that do direct selling, there’s a proven tool to stand out from the noise, and it’s been used for centuries.

A handwritten Thank You Note is a simple and fast way to show your prospects and leads that you are on their side and that you can help. It’s a chance to make a personal connection in a sales environment full of noise (including messages from your competition).

While it may sound like a big time commitment to write a personalized note, it really isn’t as tough as it may sound. The key is to plan ahead. Have a stack of Thank You Notes readily available in your office. We can provide you with cards that will carry your logo, colors, messaging, and overall brand with great care. Take a look at the Thank You Card design options available to you and order enough for you to start sending handwritten notes after every new client meeting.

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Modern Home Classic Thank You Card | HC-10355

Once you have a supply of Thank You Notes on hand, all you have to do is write a brief note after each meeting and mail it. Here’s a simple 4-step guide to writing an effective thank you note:

  1. Thank them for meeting with you
  2. Prove that you were listening by repeating what they said and what they need
  3. Tell them how you will solve that need (be specific about what you will do)
  4. Sign your name

It’s that easy to gain the undivided attention of your new lead. And moments like that are priceless for your business.

Get started today by choosing the perfect Thank You Card to represent your business.


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