Pinterest for Real Estate Agents: Six Easy Steps for Getting Started


Pinterest LogoPinterest is the hot, new social network on the scene. Pinterest has experienced record growth [PDF download] in 2012- increasing its user base faster than any other network to date. Pinterest users reportedly spend 89 minutes on the site on average- second only to Facebook. The site is heavily dominated by women, so much so that one in five American women are on Pinterest, according to a recent Pew Research report.

Pinterest is a “virtual pin board” where users can “pin” images they find across the internet to categorized interest “boards” where they can find and remember them with ease. Much like other social networks, Pinterest allows users to follow other users or specific boards of other users, and presents them in a feed. Users can like, comment and re-pin images that others have posted-whether or not they are following that user. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is a public network, meaning all content users post is public and available for anyone to view.

Due to its rapid rise in popularity, Pinterest is a great place to connect with your clients and potential clients in your community. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Create unique boards for your listings- Creating an entire board for your listing gives you the opportunity to show off the home’s unique features. Use the home’s address as the board title. Create pins for each image of the listing, using specific descriptions with relevant search keywords when possible. For example: Use an image of the home from the outside as the board cover then include pinned images of the Master Suite, Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Backyard etc…


  • Create a board introducing yourself or your team- Pinterest is a great way to visually relay information about yourself and your specialties- automatically reinforcing your reputation. Pin your headshot and images that speak to your specialties. Make sure to include specific descriptions and your business contact information!


Show off your personality by featuring team members!


  • Pin from the page you want to lead customers to- Pinterest is great because it will always provide a direct link back to the page you’ve pinned an image from. Pinning images directly from listings on your website will increase traffic and lead potential buyers where you want them to go. If you choose to upload a Pin, be sure to write in a link to lead them to your website.


Link to your website to lead users back to it!


  • Create a board for your Home DIY Ideas- Pinners love simple do-it-yourself ideas for home decoration. Pin advice, tips and tutorials for home staging, decorating your home to sell, or for the season! You want to demonstrate your expertise, and position yourself as a trusted source of reliable, helpful information in your local area.


Share your knowledge of home products!


  • Create boards for local happenings and info in your specialty areas- Pin images that link to events, happenings and cool finds in the areas you specialize in. If you’re an expert at helping first-time buyers downtown- pin images of the hot downtown restaurants, the best downtown grocery stores, the area block party, the best downtown brunch spots, etc – you want to demonstrate that you’re an expert in the area, and that buyers can trust you as a reliable source of knowledge.


Share your expertise!


  • Cross-promote your pins on your social networks- You already have established contacts on social networks, so why not share your brand-new Pinterest account with them? When you pin a new image, you have the option of sharing it to Twitter and Facebook automatically. Just remember not to over-share.


With a few easy steps, your Pinterest account will be ready to go. Happy pinning!

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