Promoting your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts


Most successful small businesses have a certain niche that allows them to stand out from the crowd. The challenge for passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs is to build a reputation that is centered around your niche so that it’s the first thing that comes to mind when people think of your business. Only then, do passers-by stop to take a peek behind the curtain of your window or website. Only then, do first-time customers become passionate fans that tell all of their friends and colleagues about you. Only then, do you move from “I hope this will actually work” to “I hope I can handle this growth.”

Fortunately, the last decade has made the task of communicating your niche MUCH easier.  Why a decade? That’s when Facebook first launched (yes, only 10 years ago). Along with Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others, community-based sites have changed the world of small business marketing forever.  These sites give you a blank canvas to communicate your niche in whatever way is best for your audience.

Once you have begun to connect with your community using these tools, you’ll have a great library of content that proves your expertise in an interesting, fun, and personal way. Think of the possibilities: how-to videos, weekly video updates on the marketplace, blogs featuring your customers (like this one!), daily tweets with a special deal, daily Facebook posts with a picture of your “Chef’s Special”. The list goes on and on, and only you know what will interest your customers.

So how do you build fans, followers and subscribers in your community so that content is seen?

Promotional magnets are a great way to connect with your community again and again, and at a low cost per impression. Each of those impressions is also a chance to introduce people that you aren’t yet connected with to your social content.  Many of our customers have started to feature their Facebook accounts on their promotional magnets because it’s easy to do, and it’s smart marketing. We’ve now made it easy for you to do so as well.

Here’s how each of the most popular community-based sites allow you to promote your accounts:

Facebook allows you to use this “f” logo to reference your content inside of it. You can have one of our designers add this logo to your magnet order by asking for it in the yellow “Notes for Designer” box inside of Design Studio, our online personalization tool. As you see in the calendar image above, we also recommend referencing it as one of your imprints (Facebook: Amanda Renolds).

Twitter has a variety of logos that you can use to feature your logo, but this one will fit best across all designs. Our designers have all of the usable logos, so just request it along with your Twitter handle to be added to your magnet in the yellow “Notes for Designer” box inside of our Design Studio tool as you order. Twitter recommends using the phrase “Follow me on Twitter @username” next to the logo for easier searching.

LinkedIn allows this square icon to be used on our promotional magnets to reference your LinkedIn account. They recommend displaying the URL for your account next to it ( to make it easier for people to find you. As with the Facebook and Twitter logos, you can have one of our designers add this logo to your magnet by asking for it in the yellow “Notes for Designer” box inside of our Design Studio tool as you order.

YouTube™ is quite a bit more stringent in the way they allow use of their name and logo. If you want to promote your YouTube™ videos on your promotional magnet, you can say “YouTube Video Community: MyName” or something similar, but are not allowed to use their logo. Since these restrictions are difficult to abide by, we would suggest referencing your website to see these videos and not mention that they are hosted on YouTube. For example, “Find videos on staging at”.

Have you included your social media content on your promotional magnet? We’d love to see what you did and how it worked for you. Include yours in a comment below.

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