Community Awareness and School Calendars

What can you do to reach your audience in a time and place that is relevant? What can you do that doesn’t blend into the clutter? Creating awareness of your business/organization in your community is difficult and time consuming. There are a lot of methods that make sense, but do they actually do any good? Is it worth your time to hang a poster in every coffee shop that has a community bulletin board?

image fromĀ Satoru Kikuchi

For some of you, your target prospects are ripe for the picking at coffee shops. By all means, reach out to them. But for most of us, something more targeted and personal is needed.

If your audience includes families with school-age children, School Calendar Magnets can be your secret weapon in 2011. School calendars contain lots of valuable information for parents (think holidays, conference days, and fundraisers). That said, it’s difficult to keep track of it all. We presented an option to schools over 10 years ago that has been widely accepted: put the school calendar on a magnet. It’s a win-win-win for the school, parents, and students. The school gets fewer calls to the office asking about vacation days, the parents are more informed about their child’s schedule, and the student gets a more involved parent.

The tough part for many schools is finding the funding. This presents a golden opportunity for you as a marketer/business owner: sponsor the calendar magnet for the school. By providing these calendars, you will gain valuable impressions every time a parent or staff member checks their magnet for upcoming school events. You become the REALTORĀ®/plumber/business owner that cares about local schools. Parents will trust you and see you as their first choice for your service. That’s real awareness in your community.

Contact your local school today and tell them you would like to sponsor their 2011/2012 school calendar. Be sure to reach out to them soon as many would want to have this arranged before summer break. Here are a few helpful links to get you started:

Shop for sponsored calendar magnets

Request a school calendar sample kit

View a guide that you can send to your school to answer their questions