Design with Care: featuring Stuart Fraass

Our designers here at MagnetStreet work hard to give you a template that allows you to create a beautiful & unique promotional magnet that your prospects will be happy to keep for years. Colors are chosen carefully to match current design trends, fonts are chosen to be both readable and appropriate to the design, images are chosen to be appealing to your audience, and layouts are created to allow flexibility for you. One of our recent customers, Stuart Fraass (, was looking for a calendar that would have staying power.

In a series of emails we exchanged with him, Stuart said, “(I wanted) something my clients would WANT to keep around that had my contact info.”

One of the best customizations that Stuart did was to add a high quality image of his area (Boston.) His customers will recognize and relate to him because of that element. He also incorporated his video blog as a strong “call to action” that helps prospects who may not be ready to contact Stuart but are interested in learning more. Most of all, you can tell that Stuart spent time thinking through what he wanted, what he wanted the magnet to do, and made sure everything came together to accomplish his goal. He even worked with our designers to tweak the imprints to make sure everything laid out exactly the way he wanted it to.

Paying attention to the details of customization can turn an ordinary promotional item into a powerful, lead generation tool. Stuart said that he wanted create a calendar that wasn’t “a cheesy ‘Think of Me’ magnet calendar” but would actually be appreciated by his prospects. What kind of response has Stuart had?

“EVERYONE I talk to loves them!”

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