Does Your Audience Connect With You?

The great thing about personalized marketing is you can make it as relevant and targeted as you want it to be.  You don’t have to settle for good enough; you can reach your audience in a way that someone outside of your community could not do. You are a local, so you know where people like to spend their Friday evenings, get their cup of coffee on a cold morning (or any morning for that matter), walk their dog, etc. Take advantage of that knowledge when you think about your magnet design. How can you do more than gain very valuable impressions by also showing your prospects and clients that you don’t just know them, you are one of them. Here are some examples:

  • Take a photo of a local, popular place. Use this photo as the main image on your calendar. It will gain more attention for your magnet because it’s memorable. It will also reinforce that you know your community.
  • List local events. Many of our templates allow for you to not only show the calendar, but also list important holiday or events in the middle. Brainstorm events that are important to your community, gather the dates of these events for 2011, and include them when you personalize your magnet. You’re probably already thinking of my next point: show up at these events! Listing these events gives you a great reason to be part of the festivities and hand out your calendar.  This face-to-face interaction will go a long way to solidify your business’ reputation in the community.
  • Consider using more than one design. You most likely have a variety of types of people that you want to reach. Why not speak to each a little differently? For example, a family with children would appreciate a Memo Board Calendar like “12 Seasonal Pictures” (style code G-140) because they can write notes to each other. However, a pair of empty nesters would much rather have a calendar that’s a little simpler with a beautiful image of the park down the street. Think about personalizing a calendar like “Trees in Mist – Green” (style code C-763) for them.

These are just a few examples of how you can show that you not only know your community; you are part of your community. Leave a comment with the great ideas you dream up!