Elevator Speeches & Promotional Products: featuring Sharon Taylor

The opportunity to tell a prospect what you do, why it benefits her, and why she should trust you is pure gold for anyone in sales. The goal of a salesperson is to be able to accomplish that in 30 seconds or less. This routine is famously called the Elevator Speech (or Elevator Pitch).

Sharon Taylor, one of our customers with Edina Realty, thought of a great way to extend the Elevator Speech beyond the initial meeting. As a real estate agent with 14 years of experience, she has a large number of past clients to stay in touch with. The difficult part for many agents in this stage of their career is keeping their position as “my agent” when many years may pass before the time comes for clients to buy or sell again.

In order to help bridge the gap between transactions, Sharon decided to include her Elevator Speech on her 2011 Calendar Magnet.

Before & After: Sharon Taylor

We had the pleasure of interviewing Sharon about her business. She shared interesting insights into why she uses calendar magnets, how she’s transitioned from one brand to another, as well as a few interesting stories about feedback she’s received from her magnet.

MagnetStreet: What do you like best about your magnet?

Sharon Taylor: It’s size is unobtrusive, the color and clarity show good quality printing, and it looks professional which is important since it represents me.

MS: Why did you choose the magnet template that you did?

ST: It was a different size and look (not a flower or sunset, etc.), and it looked professional.

MS: What is the purpose of your magnet?

ST: To stay connected to past customers. It’s one item that is NOT thrown away. It’s used and it keeps my name in front of them.

MS: How have your magnets helped you transition your brand from Coldwell Banker to Edina Realty?

ST: Great! I mailed out my magnet with an Edina “Just Moved” card. The magnet is not boring and tastefully done, with a picture of my city and of me.

MS: Did you get any interesting feedback regarding your magnet? Any interesting stories?

ST: They commented that they liked the colors and liked seeing what I looked like. I even got the comment “I’ve seen you on my parents’ fridge! You look just like your picture!” Some people call me just to chat after seeing my phone number on the calendar. That always brightens my day!

MS: Do you have any suggestions for agents and small businesses considering using magnets to market themselves with?

ST: I’ve used them for 8+ years. They work much better than other things that I have tried (pens, notepads, key chains, door knockers, gift certificates). Magnetic Calendars keep me and my phone number in front of them all year so they can  call me or refer me out.

Every sales person needs to be prepared to clearly articulate their Elevator Speech, including why what they have to offer matters to prospects and clients and why they’re the only one that can deliver. Sharon’s creative use of her Elevator Speech creates opportunities to remind her clients why she’s valuable every time they go to their refrigerator.

Are there opportunities you are creating to give your Elevator Speech to prospects and clients? Try to brainstorm a new way to create these opportunities today. Share your ideas below and you may find yourself in a future feature!