Fun Feature Friday: Sharing your Magnet through Social Media

Everyone here at MagnetStreet loves seeing unique & creative ways that our customers use their magnets to generate leads. It helps us to continually think of new ways that we can assist you in building your business.  A few months ago we released a fun feature on our website that allows you to share your product design through Facebook, Twitter, and even your own website. Here’s an example of how Manal Rouphael, one of our customers, is using this feature to encourage her website visitors to contact her. Look on the right side of the screen shot below:

Many of her site’s visitors are probably considering buying or selling a house in the near future, but may not feel sure enough to take that first step of asking for help. Adding this football schedule image to her website now gives them a softer way to start the process; all they have to do is ask for a football schedule magnet! No commitment, no pressure, just the chance to make a connection.

To use this feature on your social media networks or on your website, log into your account on and select the order you wish to share. Simply click “Share Design”, choose your network, and you’re done!