Interactive Impressions for Small Business Marketing

What’s your goal when you plan a promotional campaign? For most people, it’s to increase awareness of their business or organization in the community. That means finding a product that will not only end up in your prospects hands, but will also be kept, seen and used for a long time. That longevity means a constantly growing number of impressions that feed your growing business.

Our designers create calendar layouts that were designed with longevity, quality, and interaction as their #1 goal.! These fantastic creations are called¬†Fridge Pad Calendar Magnets. Here’s an example of one of the layouts.

As you can see from the cover above, they’re sure to make a big first impression. These beautiful calendars are made up of a 14 page pad that carries your personalized information at the top of each unique, creative spread. The pad is held inside of a sturdy magnetic vinyl backer that allows it to be used on any magnetic surface. Your prospects can even use it as a wall calendar by putting a tack through the top edge of the backer.

Once your prospects tear away the cover page, they’ll see a calendar that is as useful as it is beautiful.

This particular layout¬†features healthy recipes on each interior page. And notice what’s right above that delicious plate of Huevos Rancheros? Your business! Impressions, impressions, impressions. The calendar also provides a roomy area for writing family appointments, birthdays, meals for the week, or anything else your prospects feel like including.

We believe these calendars will accomplish your goal of increasing awareness of your business or organization in the community. They combine usefulness, interaction, and beauty to make quality impressions that treat your business with care.

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