Sponsoring School Magnets Gets You Prime Advertising

What do families in your community think about your business? Do they know who you are? Why you matter to them?

Families with children are vital customers for most small businesses.  A secret weapon for reaching these families at a low cost and minimal effort: Sponsored School Calendar Magnets.

Spring is an ideal time for you to approach schools with your idea to sponsor a School Magnet. They’re working on finishing plans for next year before this one ends. It’s not a difficult sell: you’re giving them an idea that will save them money, headaches, and improve communication with the parents of their students by putting their calendar & contact information on a magnet rather than a sheet of paper that’s easily lost or damaged.

As you can see in the example above, the magnet makes it easy for parents & staff to see unique dates during the year like days off and parent-teacher conferences. We work with hundreds of schools each year that order these calendars, and the feedback is always overwhelmingly positive. It reduces calls to their office because parents are more informed, and it increases attendance at events included on the calendar.

The difficult part for many of these schools is that their budgets are getting tighter and tighter. Many schools are forced to skip this vital tool simply because they can’t afford it. Imagine how much they would appreciate a local business offering to cover the cost!

The benefit to you as a business can be seen in the bottom right corner: your important information is seen every time a parent checks the calendar. That leads to hundreds of impressions spread over the school year per household The impressions come with the significant additional benefit of showing these families that you care about their child’s school. The cost of the magnets (normally around $500 for the whole school) is easily returned as families take notice of your business and become clients.

Here’s how you can get prime advertising with School Magnets:

  1. Request a sample and catalog of our Sponsored School Calendar Magnets
  2. Contact the school (elementary schools are the most likely to say yes) and propose the idea to the principal
  3. Set up an appointment with the school to choose what they want on the calendar (dates, phone numbers, etc.)
  4. Place your order at Magnetstreet.com/Sponsored-Magnets or by calling 800.788.8633

As always, our Customer Care team is available to answer any questions about how to approach the school or the ordering process.

Taking this step today will lead to 9 months of valuable impressions next school year. And by associating yourself with a worthy cause, you build rapport with your community. Sounds like a win-win for the school and for you!

Let us know how it works for you! Tells us your story in the comments section below.