Stick Around after Sales Calls: featuring Holiday Inn Dulles Airport

When your livelihood depends on finding new business, a source of warm leads is invaluable. It means an opportunity to make a sale you wouldn’t have otherwise had, not to mention the chance for you to bring that person back as a repeat customer. In the hospitality industry, for example, other vendors (including competitors!) can actually be a significant source of these opportunities.

In-person sales calls can be the first step in building this kind of a trusting relationship with other vendors. For Marisol Rodriguez, Assistant General Manager of the Holiday Inn Dulles Airport, these sales calls are a regular part of their efforts to keep their event spaces and restaurant busy. However, as beneficial as the sales calls are, Marisol wanted something that she could leave behind to ensure that these sales calls go beyond that initial meeting. It needed to leave a lasting impression. A flyer didn’t seem good enough because it’s easily thrown away. A calendar magnet, on the other hand, would be a practical item that the client could actually use. She visited and found a template she liked (here’s a guide to help you choose yours) that was colorful with places for pictures.  Marisol personalized the template using our Design Studio to change colors, import pictures and add her contact information. The finished product showed her hotel at its best:

Befor & After: Holiday Inn Dulles

On deciding which photos to highlight, Marisol says: “I wanted to display our catering space for meeting and social events and also our newly renovated restaurant.” The best part of the magnet, according to Marisol, is that “it’s colorful and practical.” Businesses can easily reference the hotel’s phone number, address, and pictures of the meeting spaces in addition to using the calendar.

Now that Marisol has a tool to leave a lasting impression with potential clients, call backs occur on a more regular basis, meaning more referrals and more business.

What can you do to leave a lasting impression on sales calls?