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Great invitation - beware of envelope size/stamps

These invitations are gorgeous. The square envelope is a little too large for the invites and requires postage for a flat rate. The post office employee showed me how to fold the flap over to keep it within the size limit and to prevent having to use multiple stamps. Magnet Street has handled a few projects for me lately and they always create a fast and beautiful product. I highly recommend them.

Reviewed by BrideAmanda
October 10, 2014

Destination Wedding Invitation Collection

Our Destination Wedding Invitation Collection offers fresh, fun designs inspired by wedding hotspots around the globe. Whisk away your guests with swaying palm trees, sparkling lakeshores, or iconic skylines that capture the culture and mood of your wedding locale. Each design comes in multiple invitation sizes and folds, from playful Square Invites to chic Tea-length Invitations.

Location-inspired themes include:
New York

Other travel-inspired themes include:
Cruise Ship
Boarding Pass

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