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July 24, 2014

Football Schedule Magnets

Like football, business is a game. A game with winners, and losers. But winners don’t just play the game—​they change it. How? By using smart marketing strategies, then deploying creative tactics to execute those strategies. So what’s your best strategy for fall marketing this year? Football Schedule Magnets.


Insert your name and slogan, upload your photo, add your logo—personalize any Magnet to match your image or objective. Design multiple Magnets to target different clients and communities.


By giving fans something they want to keep and continually reference, your marketing stays in the possession of their hands and home (not their trash).


Durable and strong, Football Schedule Magnets maximize your marketing dollar. Our vibrant, full-color printing will ensure a professional image that impresses and impacts.

Prefer to pick and pair your own football teams?
Select Your Custom Team Combo Magnet


Quarterbacks don’t win games. Teams do. Strengthen your schedules with coordinating Labels, Seals, and Envelopes.
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*Games scheduled for Sunday afternoon or evening may exchange times. All Times Local. Schedule subject to change. No one associated with the depicted magnets has any sponsorship, arrangement or other connection with any of the teams or collegiate institutions whose schedules are shown or the leagues or conferences in which they play.