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Magnets with Calendar

Really great looking magnets for the fridge. Great work, design and done in a timely manner. Nice product and idea. Definitely recommended. The only downfall is they run out of stock for the other magnets that you may like. Hopefully I can order the other, Inspirational Magnets, next time. Great job! Thank you! Marta's Realty Group

Reviewed by MartasRealty
January 21, 2015

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Magnetic Calendars by MagnetStreet

The key to getting your foot in their door? Putting your face on their fridge. Calendar Magnets keep your business front and center all year long. Every time your prospects open their fridge, check the date, or write down an appointment, they’ll be greeted by one, stable image: you. By providing clients active engagement with your brand, Magnetic Calendars deliver a lucrative trio of brand awareness, lead conversion, and customer retention.

Be Proud.

We work hard to deliver products you can be proud to put your brand behind. And with our 100% quality guarantee, you can feel confident you'll be getting the quality you deserve.

Be Present.

Easy to display and practical to use, Magnetic Calendars turn everyday marketing into an essential tool that clients will love to keep and display in their home all year long.

Be You.

Urban professional? Small town business owner? Big or small, we've got a design fit just for you. Find the design that reflects your brand and resonates with your unique clientele.

A Polished Look that Saves You Time and Money

Coordinating Cards, Labels, and Seals strengthen your brand image while streamlining your year-end marketing efforts—​saving you valuable time, postage, and money. For a strong and professional finish, present your Magnetic Calendars with this set of coordinating products.

Holiday Carrier Cards

With precut slits designed to nestle your Magnetic Calendar, Holiday Carrier Cards combine your holiday letter and year-end gift into a single, convenient mailing. Each Holiday Carrier Card design has coordinating Calendars available.

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Address Label & Seal Sets

Ensure a strong first impression with Labels & Seals that coordinate with the design of your Magnetic Calendar.

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