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Now thru July 8, earn $30 mCash
for every $100 spent on MagnetStreet Business products. Spend your mCash later on future purchases!

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mCash Rewards

mCash is our program that rewards you with cash savings for the products you buy at MagnetStreet Business. Rewards are delivered as mCash credit, which can then later be redeemed toward any MagnetStreet products. The more cash you spend, the more mCash you earn! It’s as simple (and rewarding) as that.

After placing your order, your mCash will be emailed to you five days after your order has shipped.

mCash can be earned in increments of $30 on qualifying MagnetStreet Business orders placed now thru July 8 at midnight (CT). To qualify, orders must reach, at minimum, the appropriate tiered amount after all applicable discounts have been applied, but prior to tax and shipping. Earning max is $300 mCash for orders $1,000 or more.


Popular Questions

How will I receive my mCash?

After placing your order, your mCash will be emailed to you as credit five days after your order has shipped. Watch your inbox!

How do I redeem my mCash?

The email you receive will contain a link to auto-apply your mCash credit to your shopping cart. This email will also contain a unique promo code to manually apply your credit to your cart, if you wish.

What can I spend my mCash on?

mCash can be used toward MagnetStreet products from any department. There is no minimum order amount required to redeem your mCash credits. However, there is no partial credit with mCash; it is a one-time use credit. So, if your order total is less than the amount of mCash you have, you will lose your remaining mCash credit.

When does my mCash expire?

Your mCash expires August 31, 2014. This expiration date will also be included in your email.

Can I combine mCash with other promos/offers?

Yes! mCash may be combined with other active promotions for which your order qualifies. To combine your mCash with a promotion, enter the valid promo code in your shopping cart, prior to checkout.

What if I don’t spend all my mCash in one transaction?

If you don’t spend all of your mCash in one transaction, you will lose any remaining credits. Redeeming your mCash is a one-time use credit.

Can I earn mCash on multiple orders during the earning period?

Yes! For every qualifying order you place during the earning period, you will receive a separate email containing your earned mCash credit.

Can I redeem multiple mCash credits on the same order?

Absolutely! If you have earned multiple mCash credits, you can use them together on a single order.

Terms and Conditions

mCash is a promotional offer and cannot be used as legal tender. mCash has no value and cannot be used as cash back. Only one mCash credit may be earned per order during the earning period. However, mCash can be earned on all qualifying orders placed during the earning period. Multiple mCash credits may be redeemed per order during the redemption period. The “earning period” is defined as orders placed between July 1 at 12:01am (CT) and July 8 at midnight (CT). The “redemption period” is defined as the period between the issue date and expiration date of the mCash credit. The expiration date for all mCash credit will be midnight (CT) on August 31, 2014. To qualify for mCash, an order must (a) contain products from MagnetStreet Business (b) be placed during the earning period (c) reach the minimum tiered amount after all applicable discounts have been applied, but before tax and shipping have been imposed.