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Excellent Quality/Presentation

The program itself to personalize the invitations was sometimes a bit slow and had quirks so you have to be patient with it BUT when I received my invites in the mail yesterday and could not be happier with the way they were packaged and their quality. They turned out perfect! Thing that I loved about this site was the personalization of color options and being able to see it right on the screen. Great coupon/discount codes available too!

Reviewed by Lauren62015
March 24, 2015

Modern Wedding Invitation Collection

Our Modern Wedding Invitations merge contemporary layouts with trend-forward designs. From chic motifs to bold typography, our modern design themes set the tone for your wedding, while trendy elements like photography and monograms capture your contemporary couple style. Each design comes in multiple invitation sizes and folds, from playful Pocket Invites to unique Square Invitations.

Modern designs include:

Unlimited Color Options

Always in your colors. Choose any colors you want for your design. You're in control!

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