On Shannon's photography style

“My wedding & engagement portrait photography is created by the people I photograph. When two people are truly in love, that love will show. When the same two people are surrounded by the loved ones invited to celebrate their wedding day, that love will show! My photography is powered by love, whether it be between two people during an engagement session or a group of people celebrating two people's love for each other at a wedding reception. They create the photos. I take the photos. The photos are real. Love is real.”

Love through the lens

Shooting weddings since 2005, Shannon has discovered that the best part about being a wedding photographer is being able to witness the joy and love between two people and their families.

Why wedding photography is so important

“Other than the rings, the bride's dress and maybe some cufflinks, the photography is the one and only thing you have to remind you of your wedding day. And, it's not all about getting a disc of images either. Be sure to get some prints and get a big one (or more). Photos are meant to be seen, not sit on a plastic disc.”

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Shannon Porter Photography
Winona, MN