Personalize Your Design to Match Your School

Change the color, insert your photos, add your mascot—​there are so many ways to customize your design to match your school, classroom, team or club! Find out more below.

Choose Your Design Color

You can customize the background color on most of our templates—​choose from our vibrant palette of 18 colors! From bright yellows and greens to sleek navy and gold, find the color that matches your school or student group.

Globe School Calendar Magnets

Use Your Own Photo

Feature your own picture on any photo design template! Add a snapshot of your school, classroom, sports team or student group—​you get to decide which photo to use! Using pictures is an easy way to connect your design with your school or student group.

School Appearance School Calendar Magnets

Add Your School Mascot or Logo

Foster school pride and team spirit by adding your team mascot or school logo! Upload your own artwork, or choose from our library of popular mascots and clip art to find one that fits your group. Browse Artwork Library

Football Pride Magnets

Insert Your Own Text Imprints

Customize the text imprints on your design to match your communications needs. Add your phone number, email, website, school motto—​plus more! Whether you represent a school, classroom, activity or sports team, you get to decide which information to share.

Chalkboard School Contact Magnets

Personalize Your Calendar & Legend Codes

Customize any Calendar Magnet design to match your upcoming school year! You can mark important dates by creating your own legend of unique letter codes (up to 8 codes), then assigning those codes to corresponding dates on your calendar.