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Great price, and the best part is that these magnets come with a pop-out center that can be used to make business card magnets!

Reviewed by Allison93
August 19, 2014

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Reference Magnets

Want to stand out and stay relevant year after year? Give clients a personalized Reference Magnet. Packed with handy tips and information, Reference Magnets stay on the fridge and out of the trash. By connecting your business to your clients’ unique interests, promotional Reference Magnets give your marketing longevity, purpose, and power.

Designs To Fit Your Clientele

We offer a huge selection of design themes, each tailored to target specific interests. From Home Tips to Kitchen Conversion, find a Reference Magnet design that resonates with your unique clientele. Specific themes include green tips, important occasions, stain removal tips, plus much more.

Advanced Personalization

Our Reference Magnets come with extensive customization options. Personalize any design online with your name, photo, logo, colors and contact info. Target specific markets by personalizing the colors and text to fit your clients’ needs, interests or region.