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Customer Raves & Reviews

Great Piece!
Dec 19, 2013
Green Background Full Magnet Calendars I have been using Magnet Street for the past 12+ years. I used to use a standard RE/MAX design, but switched to KW this year. I didn't care for the standard KW designs so we created our own with the help of customer service and they came out great!
Dec 10, 2013
Heart of the Home Full Magnet Calendars I was presently surprised to see the calendars had arrived earlier than expected! We were in a time crunch, but MagnetStreet came through with a good product and plenty of time to get them out for Christmas! Thank you so much!
Great Calendar Magnet
Dec 7, 2012
Green Background Full Magnet Calendars We have been ordering from MagnetStreet for many years. Each year I change just a few details and each year the calendars look great. Our clients are always excited to get them each year.
Magnet strength less than other brand I have tried
Jan 14, 2012
Heart of the Home Full Magnet Calendars The calendar card was very attractive and found nothing I didn't like about it. As I said, magnet could have been stronger (thicker) by a fraction...not a real problem for our application.