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Hockey & Basketball Schedule Magnets
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Hockey & Basketball Schedule Magnets

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Customer Raves & Reviews

Design change
Oct 6, 2014
1 Pro Team Hockey Schedule MagnetCards Very disappointed they did not change the design from last year for the hockey schedules. Also they need to add a little team color.
Looks good!
Oct 5, 2014
1 Pro Team Hockey Schedule Full Magnets The full magnet back is great but I would like the larger one to be a full magnet back as well. Also the hockey seasons took too long to become available this year. In the past I've have them in my hands by middle August before.
customer service is so good!
Nov 18, 2013
1 Pro Team Basketball Schedule MagnetCards I have been using magnet street for 10 years. Whoever hires the reps that answer the phones, should get applauded. They are soooo nice, allways have a smile in their voice and I trust there word allways.
Hockey/Basketball Card
Oct 22, 2013
1 Pro Basketball & 1 Pro Hockey Hockey & Basketball Full Magnets I order these for a lot of my sales people to send out and they really like them.
Great sports calendar
Sep 28, 2013
1 Pro Team Hockey Schedule MagnetCards I have ordered the sport schedule from Magnet Street for years and refer them to other realtors in mg office.