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Fridge Pad Calendars
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Fridge Pad Calendars

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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

Awesome product and service as always!
Aug 19, 2013
Home Appeal Fridge Pad Calendars 7th year ordering the same product and wonderful experience - as always!
Love the calendar, hate that the magnet is not attached.
Dec 13, 2012
Home Appeal Fridge Pad Calendars Love the graphics, color, pics etc. Thought I was getting a larger calendar for the fridge, which it is, I have always bought the smaller tear off calendars and thought I would "upgrade" to a larger, higher end calendar. Disappointed to see I have to attach the magnet to the back on each calendar or do what the tacky instructions say and send it to my customers in two pieces; hoping they don't mind "assembling" their own gift...asking someone to do that is not good in my opinion. I will assemble them all and then mail them. think envelopes should come with them automatically too, not be sold separately.
Gorgeous Calendar!
Sep 13, 2013
Home Appeal Fridge Pad Calendars What a wonderful, high quality product! I used to send the smaller calendars then decided to try this one. I didn't realize how popular they would be with my clientele until I skipped a year (during the lean times). I literally got phone calls from past customers asking me where their calendar was! They put me right on their refrigerator and use it to log in appointments, birthdays, soccer games, etc.... Now when I go on listing appointments, I always see my calendar right there in front of them everyday. Now when someone asks about a Realtor, my phone number is easily available without them searching for it. I love the product and have doubled my order this year! A big thank you to your staff for all their help each year. Sincerely, Vickie Reasons
clients love this
Jan 11, 2012
Front Porch Fridge Pad Calendars My clients love this calendar. They liked the animals better than the front porches, though.
My Favorite!!!
Oct 24, 2012
Front Porch Fridge Pad Calendars Nice way to stay in touch. I send them for Thanksgiving with a thank you letter for their past referrals & business. One year, I thought I would save money and didn't send them. I got numerous phone calls asking why they never got them. Won't do that again!