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Mini Magnets

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Customer Raves & Reviews

Magnet Review
Dec 23, 2013
Branded Banner Full Magnet Calendars Magnet Street does a great job! They are prompt and very professional.
good for advertizing
Nov 30, 2013
House Full Magnet Calendars From the time I order by phone the process was very easy to track.
Professional Looking Magnet
Oct 3, 2013
Popular Property Full Magnet Calendars There was a good selection to chose from but still keeping it easy to customize and order.
Quick & Easy
Sep 20, 2013
Branded Banner Full Magnet Calendars I've sent the magnets with the tear off calendars for years and wanted something different this year. This all-in-one calendar fit the bill, was amazingly easy to design and customize, and I rec'd my full order within a week of ordering. Thanks!
Modern Brand - small surprise
Jan 16, 2013
Modern Brand Full Magnet Calendars I ordered this magnet assuming I was ordering the same size as years passed. The price was the same per volume so I didn't even consider it wasn't correct. When the magnets arrived, they were noticeably smaller than previous year magnets BUT.......I actually LOVE it. I find that this is a very appropriate size to hang on a customer or prospective customers fridge year round without being obnoxious and having my giant picture staring at someone every morning. They are also a perfect mailing size. Fits very easily into a standard envelope and perfectly in my business notecard envelope. The design is stunning. I've had several magnets from Magnet Street over the past few years and their range of designs is incredible. This one allows me to represent myself as well as the industry with a nice size home (not a mega mansion) featured on front. It also gave me the option to use a picture of my choice but I felt this one was a nice representation of the homes I sell in my market. I like that I was able to ask a question to the designer (to remove white space from the logo I supplied) & they were able to do it and send a proof prior to sending to production. Thank you for another quality product!