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Magnetic Calendars
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Magnetic Calendars
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Customer Raves & Reviews

Magnetic Calendars
Sep 26, 2014
Quick & Tasty Recipes Tear-Off Calendar Magnets I have been purchasing the magnet calendars for at least 3 years. I place my order by phone and the order dept. is kind and helpful. The product comes quickly and is a quality product. I have definitely received business from the calendars as my contacts either display it or keep it in drawer that is opened often. I hope this helps!
Satisfied shopper for several years
Sep 26, 2014
Home Sweet Home Tear-Off Calendar Magnets I have found that sending out the refrigerator magnet calendars are an extremely economical way to remain in front of my database for an entire year. This will be the sixth or seventh year I have done this. I recently sent a survey to my database asking if they would prefer a different sized calendar and it was overwhelming that they chose to continue to receive the refrigerator magnet. My only complaint about the product over the years is this: when assembling the product with my business card sometimes the adhesive for the calendar pages is not strong enough and many of the pages fall out. This is an extremely small amount (likely less than 1%) but it is something that I have noticed every year to some of the product. I truly believe that over the years the product has improved and I am someone who will continue to use it annually.
Good tear-off calendars, convenient too!
Sep 26, 2014
Quick & Tasty Recipes Tear-Off Calendar Magnets I like being able to personalize opposed to sticking a business card on these tear-off calendars. This was printed a little warm and the personal info on the card was not consistent (a bit high up and close to the trimmed upper edge) throughout but over all I like them. I also like the coated paper that is used on the calendar itself. I get these every year and for the most part have not had too many issues.
Great Product, I have been a customer for past 17 year.
Sep 25, 2014
Home Sweet Home Tear-Off Calendar Magnets I am testing the waters this year to see if this is still as effective as it has been in the past. With all of the Technology available I am trying to make sure this method is still the best bang for my BUCKS. The demand for the new calendars is just as high every year but I am looking more closely at the actual results form this marketing tool.
A long term customer for a reason
Sep 23, 2014
Inspiration for 2015 Tear-Off Calendar Magnets I have been using Magnetstreet magnetic calendars for 15+ years. I shopped around in the beginning and Magnetstreet won hands down. The quality is always consistent. My clients love them. Great prices and the best quality.